Friday, January 4, 2013

I am a terrible blogger!

Well, it's been seven months since my last blog entry. Where does the time go???
I started this blog with the intention of updating often and before I know it, seven months have passed.

My husband always enjoys watching the Twilight Zone marathon every New Year's Day.
Sometimes I feel that I am in the twilight zone where the clock hands are spinning and the calendar pages are flying off.

The hours, days, weeks, months, years - - - they're just flying by!!!

Anyway, I do have some exciting knitting news. I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching a series of knitting classes at Kathy’s Kreations in Ligonier, PA.

Improve your knitting skills one square at a time!

Join me in this series of classes, starting this month, where we will knit one block in each of the next twelve months. And in the thirteenth month we will learn finishing techniques to assemble the blocks. Each block builds upon the skills of the previous block. Gain confidence and knowledge while working toward a beautiful sampler afghan!
I will guide you through each lesson while adding helpful tips that I’ve learned in my many years of knitting and designing.
Reading charts, yarn overs, bobbles, cables, twisted stitches and advanced decreases are just a few of the techniques that are covered in this series of classes. All you need to know to get started is how to knit and purl.
Between classes, you will have an excellent workbook to guide you, access to online video lessons, and I will reply to any questions that you have via e-mail.
At the completion of the series, we’ll get together for a Block Party where we’ll celebrate the completion of our sampler afghans along with a few surprises!
Contact me for more information or if you would like to register.

I've got more exciting things happening this year so I am hoping to improve my blogging skills and keep you updated on what I am doing and where I'll be going!

Have a wonderful day and keep on knitting!


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    2. Danielle, please tell me what pattern you purchased and where you purchased it. I have never heard of a pattern being locked. They are always downloaded as a .pdf. With more info, I may be able to help you.

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