Friday, February 15, 2013

My Mailman Probably Thinks I'm Crazy

It started like any other day. Until I went to the mailbox.
Shoved into the box, amid my usual mail, was this............

It kind of took me by surprise and I couldn't imagine what it was.
Scenes from the Godfather flashed through my head. Did I make someone in the "family" mad? Did I refuse an offer that I shouldn't have?

After I regained my composure, I remembered an order that I had place a few weeks ago.

I quickly cut through the black plastic and tape to find this...........

Yes, knitters have been known to occasionally mail order body parts. But it is only to showcase our creations!

I'll be needing this foot for a class that I will be teaching at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival - March 15th, 16th and 17th. Sock Architecture will cover everything you need to know about knitting socks.
I will also be teaching two other classes, Shapely Short Rows and How to Publish Your Designs and Patterns.
The festival is a wonderful way to learn new skills, see new trends in knitting and crochet and do a bit a lot of shopping at the market.
I hope to see you there!!!

For more information about these classes and others, in addition to the market and all other activities, check out the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Website.

Friday, January 4, 2013

I am a terrible blogger!

Well, it's been seven months since my last blog entry. Where does the time go???
I started this blog with the intention of updating often and before I know it, seven months have passed.

My husband always enjoys watching the Twilight Zone marathon every New Year's Day.
Sometimes I feel that I am in the twilight zone where the clock hands are spinning and the calendar pages are flying off.

The hours, days, weeks, months, years - - - they're just flying by!!!

Anyway, I do have some exciting knitting news. I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching a series of knitting classes at Kathy’s Kreations in Ligonier, PA.

Improve your knitting skills one square at a time!

Join me in this series of classes, starting this month, where we will knit one block in each of the next twelve months. And in the thirteenth month we will learn finishing techniques to assemble the blocks. Each block builds upon the skills of the previous block. Gain confidence and knowledge while working toward a beautiful sampler afghan!
I will guide you through each lesson while adding helpful tips that I’ve learned in my many years of knitting and designing.
Reading charts, yarn overs, bobbles, cables, twisted stitches and advanced decreases are just a few of the techniques that are covered in this series of classes. All you need to know to get started is how to knit and purl.
Between classes, you will have an excellent workbook to guide you, access to online video lessons, and I will reply to any questions that you have via e-mail.
At the completion of the series, we’ll get together for a Block Party where we’ll celebrate the completion of our sampler afghans along with a few surprises!
Contact me for more information or if you would like to register.

I've got more exciting things happening this year so I am hoping to improve my blogging skills and keep you updated on what I am doing and where I'll be going!

Have a wonderful day and keep on knitting!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stitch Red

Stitch Red - Sticking it to Heart Disease 
I just received an e-mail newsletter from Classic Elite Yarns.  They are participating in an initiative called Stitch Red.  Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States.  While one in thirty women will die from breast cancer, one in four will die from heart disease.  Please visit the Stitch Red website:  By purchasing yarn, patterns and products from the participating partners, you will be supporting the awareness campaign of this group.  

Show your support by knitting something red!  Classic Elite Yarns is offering a free e-book with 4 beautiful patterns all worked in their red yarns.  
 Stitch Red
I've done the little lace Camellia shawl and it so fun to knit. You can download the e-book patterns here:

So knit something red as a reminder to take care of yourself and your heart!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finally, A New Post!

I've really got to get working on this blog.  I have just been incredibly busy lately.  One project that I just completed was teaching at an all-day knitting workshop sponsored by the Laurel Highlands Knitting Guild.  It was held at the Ramada Inn in Ligonier on Sunday.  There were 27 knitters in attendance; members of knitting guilds from Ligonier, Greensburg, Somerset, Monroeville and Indiana.  We had a wonderful time as I taught Short Row techniques in a 3 hour morning class and then discussed Trends, Tips, Techniques and Troubleshooting in the afternoon.  It is so nice to spend a day with enthusiastic knitters.  Lots of knitting, great conversations and lots of laughs.
Now on to my next big project.  And it's a big one.  I am not at liberty to reveal what it is yet.  There will be a large publicity blitz in September.  SUPER EXCITING!!!!!  And lots of work!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Venture into Social Media

So they say that in order to be successful in business, you must be active in all forms of social media.  Websites, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Google+.  I've got a lot to learn!  In my former life, BK (before kids), I was actually a computer programmer.  I worked on the state of the art Data General computer system.  The system looked kind of like this.

                              And the disk drive looked like this.

                          And this is how we backed up the data.


So as you can see, I've got a lot to learn.  I'm slowly figuring out how to navigate my way around my blog.  Please bear with me as I learn all about widgets, gadgets, badges and all of the other blogger stuff.  Hopefully, you will see my blog improve as I learn more each day.

Through this blog, I hope to share with you how knitting came into my life and how it has been a blessing for me. 

Until next time,
Knit On!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My New Blog!!!

Wow!  I've finally ventured into the blogging world.  I'm slowly trying to figure out how all of this works and I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas.  Please bear with me as I learn my way through the blogging process.